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The Ventor Shed Wiki.

This is the place to establish our discussions, to describe our shed and to plan projects.


  • News - We're trying to create highlights of what happens
  • Projects - Personal projects and Group Projects
  • Subgroups - Like-minded groups at the Shed
  • Members - Non-comprehensive list of members and photos
  • Job Board - Employers, employees, and contractors can find each other here
  • Skill Swap - Swap time
  • SwapShop - Exchange and advertise unwanted stuff
  • Other Events - List non-Shed organised events of interest to the community.

Core Material

  • Library - Useful reading material. Update this when you borrow, return or contribute books.
  • Maintenance - The Shed doesn't improve itself. Know how you should be helping.
  • Suppliers - In the local area and online
  • Equipment - Incomplete list of the stuff we have and its status.
  • Pledges - Does the Shed lack something you want to use? See if others will combine efforts to get it.
  • Consumables, Wishlist - We try stock cheap little things for convenience. Donate or restock to help maintain.
  • Inventory - We have lists of tools and equipment.

Guides and Rules

  • Rules - Know the rules!
  • Guides - Find out how things work and how to safely get involved.
  • Filming & Photography - Our policy on filming and photography in the Shed
  • Internet Use Policy - We have a lovely connection. Please don't ruin it for us.
  • Bringing items - Shed space is limited and precious, know what's allowed
  • Faceplant - Common mistakes. Don't inadvertently destroy our equipment!


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