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Please use the Project: namespace and tag your page with the Projects category when making a link to a new project. Also consider posting a photo/link on the Ventnor_Shed_Blog.

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Projects documented on this wiki[edit]

See Category:Projects for projects not linked below.

Tool Board


Wooden Biplane - Building a Wooden Biplane

Wifi Doorbell - Building a doorbell for the shed

Wall Art and Shed Beautification


Model Railroad - 5 inch scale Railroad!


Projects Idea List

Upgrading the Dusty Workshop


Shed Challenges

Interviews with Shed members

Young Shed

Panel Saw


Projects that are waiting to be completed but due to lack of resources (knowledge, time, skills) are there waiting for someone with complimentary skills. Note that monetary exchange is not required - it can be either a donation, skill swap or dedicating moneys towards VS or some notable charities.

Upgrading Netgear Router

3D printing enclosure

External articles[edit]

External showcase links[edit]

These are links to people's galleries (on flicker, youtube, etc), as opposed to specific project articles.


Software defined radio

Inventory system for the Shed


3D printing - Various discussions of software and hardware to scan and reproduce 3D objects

Wet stuff[edit]

Brewing Beer - An ongoing project of delicious opportunities

PCB Making - Printed Circuit Board Howto

PCB Etch Tank - Etch tank for PCB making

Open soft drinks


Circuits - An index of electronic circuits

HM55B - compass module

SMS Interface - SMS interface

The Shed HRS - hopefully a ham radio station with voice and digital mode capabilities

Network Bandwidth Meter - a network bandwidth meter and display for the shed.


Arduinos / Raspberry Pi[edit]

Notification Board - The LED display in the shed

Projects/4 In A Row - Donation Box A donations box for the shed.

Word Clock